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Valley Veterinary Clinic Services 

At Valley Veterinary Clinic, our passionate and professional team of experts take care to provide high-quality services personalized for your pet’s unique needs.


Annual physical exams are an important part of your animal’s health and are specified to meet the needs of your pet according to their life stage and individual lifestyles. During a physical exam some of the aspects your veterinarian will review are:
  • The heart & lungs to listen for any abnormalities
  • The eyes & ears to check for any changes or abnormalities such as ulcers, cataracts, or infection.
  • The abdomen to palpate the organs and check the size, check for pain, or any unusual lumps
  • The teeth and gums to look for any signs of dental disease or gingivitis
  • The skin and coat to check for any changes such as hair loss, dry skin, lumps or change in pigment
  • The limbs and feet are checked for any limping, muscle changes, or signs of weakness/arthritis
  • The urogenital area is checked for any discharge, bleeding, or physical changes,
  • The medical history and any current medication dosages will be assessed to ensure your pet is on the correct dose
  • The everyday habits, housing, and nutrition are also discussed
  • The vaccine Risk Assessment is also performed at the same time as your pet’s physical exam and is used to determine the necessity of vaccination. Exposure to disease, immune issues, and previous vaccine history will be discussed and also your pet’s individual needs, and life stage are all determining factors in a vaccine risk assessment.


Along with routine exams, we also offer medical consultations to investigate and treat the various diseases and illnesses your pet may encounter throughout its lifetime including eye pressure testing & cardiology testing. Dr. Jackson has a strong interest in dermatology.


Prior to any surgical procedure your pet will receive a physical exam and a pre-anaesthesia blood screen. 
During the surgical procedure your pet will receive an anaesthetic specifically tailored to their needs, intra-operative IV fluid therapy, and constant monitoring by a trained technician. We strive to provide your pet with the very best of anesthetic care while constantly monitoring heart rate, oxygen levels, and respiratory rate. Our operating theatre is equipped with up to date anesthetic equipment, heart monitors,  fluid infusion pumps, and also a circulating heating pad to maintain your pet’s body temperature. 
We also provide post-operative monitoring and care by our trained staff members.
Our surgeries are performed Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings from 8:00am until 12:00pm by appointment ONLY, and as emergency when needed.


An ovariohysterectomy (females) or orchidectomy (males) is a procedure that has many benefits to your pet. Not only does it help control the pet population, but it will also reduce unwanted sexual behaviours such as marking territory, roaming, and some types of aggression. It also helps to eliminate or decrease the risk of hormone-related diseases such as certain types of cancer, and infections of the sexual organs.

We do perform premature spays and neuters (8 weeks – 16 weeks of age) for dogs and cats.  We also offer rabbit spay/neuters.


Proper cleaning and care of your pet’s teeth is crucial to their well being, general health and preventative care at home is the best way to ensure your pet has a healthy mouth. Brushing your pet’s teeth and feeding a diet aimed at cleaning your pet’s teeth is recommended by our veterinarian and staff.

Ultrasonic scale and polish of your pet’s teeth is performed when necessary under an anaesthetic and is used to thoroughly clean your pet’s teeth, above and below the gum line.

All Dental surgical procedures and cleanings include full mouth dental X-rays.


Our pets do not have a voice and because of natural instinct they will often times hide their pain or sickness for several days, sometimes weeks, from their owners. A thorough physical exam is performed on your pet, and at the same time further diagnostics may be required in order to evaluate organ function and help us provide the best treatment possible for your pet.

In-House Lab Testing

Most of our diagnostics can be performed right in our clinic using state of the art lab equipment from Scil Laboratories.  Our equipment allows the veterinarian to receive blood work results within the same day to help them reach a faster diagnosis, thus starting your pet on any necessary treatment as soon as possible.

With our in-house lab equipment, we can draw a blood sample and check the organ functions such as the kidney, liver, pancreas, and thyroid. We can also have a closer look at the performance of the red and white blood cells. We are also able to run urine tests, and test for various diseases like Feline Leukemia/FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) in cats and Parvovirus in dogs.

We perform in-house lab testing on your pet prior to any surgical procedure by running tests the morning of surgery and getting results within the hour. Pre-anaesthetic blood testing is highly valuable, even for young animals, as it provides us with a complete picture of your pet’s health prior to using any anaesthetic and can help us choose an anaesthetic regime suitable to your pets needs. Pre-anaesthetic blood testing is routinely performed on any animal receiving an anaesthetic.

Digital Radiology

Radiology, or X-rays, are also performed in-house and provides our veterinarian with a picture of the muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary systems.


Some diagnostic testing requires resources not available locally so our clinic may refer your pet to other hospitals and colleges for more specialized diagnostics and surgeries.


Microchips are a form of identification used to reunite lost pets with their families. It is a small chip (the size of a grain of rice) that is inserted underneath the skin of your pet, between the shoulder blades.


We carry a broad range of Medi-Cal/ Royal Canin, Purina & Hills products to suit any life stage or a specific need of your pet. Some diseases in animals require specific diets to control/manage symptoms and can be provided through our veterinary clinic.

We also offer nutritional planning and counselling to help take the best care of your pet.

If your pet requires a special diet that is not routinely sold at our clinic we may be able to order it in for you.


Our technicians can demonstrate to you how to properly trim your pet’s nails, and can also perform nail trims for your pet BY APPOINTMENT.


Anal gland expression can be performed by our technicians BY APPOINTMENT.


The right training can make all the difference in your lifelong relationship with your dog. The goal of our puppy and adult obedience classes is to teach basic manners, encouraging good behaviour, prevent problems and increase socialization. All while helping you establish a strong bond with your companion.

We will be offering group sessions for both puppy and adult obedience classes, as well as scheduled private adult classes. Puppy classes will range from age 9 weeks – 6 months, our adult obedience classes will range from 6 months and older. Current vaccinations ( including Kennel cough) are required to join our puppy and adult obedience classes, unless medically exempt.

We will show you how to teach your dog what you expect of him or her through consistent, reward-based training. The effort you put into training will pay off down the road. Please contact us to sign up for our puppy or adult obedience classes.